"You guys are lucky to have a great camp like this to learn the game the right way. We didn't have anything like this when I was growing up. Make sure you listen to your coaches and learn as much as you can while you're here."

Dontrelle Willis

MLB Player

"Coaching and training young hitters has also developed into a popular science. Kids today, starting in little league, are exposed to coaching as never before. Just as there are personal trainers, there are hitting coaches and hitting schools everywhere. We have the Tommy Hutton Baseball Academy near my home in South Florida and Bucky Dent's Baseball School a little farther south. I've even started a hitting school called the School of Hard Knocks. Kids whose parents can afford it get professional coaching, with top-flight equipment, before entering high school."

Mike Schmidt

Philadelphia Phillies

Hall of Fame

Page 106 of Clearing the Bases

"My son has 4-years of baseball experience with Brian Justine and the results have been nothing short of exceptional. Now 12-years old, my son started lessons with Brian at the age of eight, having never previously played baseball. Week by week, month by month, and year by year, Brian instilled into my son an enormous foundation of essential baseball skills both individually (e.g., proper throwing mechanics, defensive fielding skills, hitting, base-running, etc.) and from a team standpoint (e.g., offensive and defensive situational strategy, cuts-and-relays, etc.). Brian Justine possesses a wealth of baseball savvy and, more importantly, knows how to produce results in youth baseball through a culture of mutual respect, positive reinforcement, and a strong work ethic. Simply put, Brian Justine engenders the confidence that kids need to perform at their very finest, both on and off the field. Brian is an outstanding role model for our youth, is passionate about his mission, and always has the best interest of each player in mind. If you’re fed up with “Daddy Ball,” and the distasteful antics that go with it, look no further than Brian Justine’s outstanding youth baseball programs. You’ll be glad you did."

Dr. Michael Grimmett

Jupiter, FL